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Whether you are questioning your substance use is an issue or you recognize you have other compulsive behaviors, out licensed therapist can give you a thorough assessment to help identify a treatment plan to get your life back on track and lead your best life. Our therapist specialize in addiction assessment and treatment as well as trauma treatment. This means we will assist you and getting to the root cause of why your life has become unmanageable.

Are you questioning your Sexual Behavior? Schedule a Consultation with one of Certified Sex Addition Therapists Today:


A Screening Tool for Sexual Addiction

P~ Preoccupied: Do you find yourself  preoccupied with sexual thoughts?

A ~Ashamed: Do you hide some of your sexual behaviors from others?

T ~Treatment : Have you ever sought therapy for sexual behavior you didn't like?

H~Hurt Others: Has anyone been hurt emotionally by your sexual behavior?

O~Out of Control: Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire?

S~Sad: When you have sex do you feel depressed after?

The Iceberg

No one knows the devastation of substance abuse disorder or addiction better than those that suffer from addiction and their loved ones.

So often the focus of addiction is blamed on bad decision making or weakness. The reality is that this condition does not have one root cause or one cookie cutter treatment. In fact, addiction has been diagnosed in people of all ages, backgrounds, and social economic groups.

The change is so profound for those with substance abuse disorder that they are incapable of recognizing normal and standard impulses. Instead, those who are addicts often cannot enjoy simple and common processes. The change in the person who suffers from addiction whether it is a processes addiction, substances or other compulsive behavior, will tear away at the integrity of the family structure, the workplace, and their community.

When looking at the problem of addiction, there is often so much more than what meets the eye that needs to be addressed to heal and move forward.

The Disease

Today we understand that addiction is an illness and a serious disease. Alcohol, drugs, food, gambling and sex addiction rely on similar physical processes. Addiction is a pathological relationship with a mood altering experience. This begins when one learns not to trust at a young age and then finds comfort in a substance or behavior such as sex. As this behavior becomes repetitive, compulsive behavior becomes a priority over family, friends and health life becomes unmanageable and out of control.

Addiction is a brain disease. As an individual begins to rely on chemicals or behaviors that sooth or numb pain or bring pleasure, neural pathways develop that affect the brain structure and function of those who are afflicted with this disorder. An addiction does not begin and end with the addict. It changes the family dynamics and relationships of those closest to the addict.

Alcohol & Drug

Drug and alcohol addiction is a physical and mental dependency on chemical substances. The development of tolerance and the need for continued increase in the substance impacts all aspects of a person’s life. Many times, this behavior creates problems with family, the workplace and in the community. Over time, the physical and mental toll on those with substance abuse can lead to detrimental health impact and be deadly.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are a complex and persistent disturbance in clients who have problematic eating behavior. Eating disorders make up about 5% of the population and occur at all ages but often starts at a young age. The impact on clients can take a physical and emotional toll if not corrected.

Sexual addiction

For a sex addict their relationship with sex and romance have become obsessive and distorted. Sexual addiction is an intimacy disorder and at the heart is the distortion of relationships, causing devastation to the person with an addiction and their partner. Pornography use has tripled in the last few years. Sexual addiction is also described as compulsive use of sexual material causing problems for the individual as well as affecting the persons partner and family and community. Addictions can overlap with other compulsive or addictive behaviors and may be seen in both men and women of all ages.


Persons experiencing gaming addiction often have feelings of hyper arousal with the engagement of gaming on digital devices such as computers, cell phones, and other devices. This may become their way to relax as well as how they connect with other individuals socially. People often experience a strong drive to seek out that same pleasure of seeking and hunting that is present with such activities causing neural pathways to develop and reinforce the need for such repetitive behavior. Gaming and screen addiction can affect an individuals ability to cope with strong emotions and to develop in person relationships.

The Center

At Be The Change Health & Wellness Center there are licensed mental health professionals that understand the ripple effects of addiction that overwhelm the lives of people with this compulsive behavior disorder that gives rise to the obstacles impacting a balanced and productive life.

All of our Clinicians are Licensed Psychotherapists and are EMDR trained and Certified or working toward certification. Our Team is committed to learning the latest in trauma treatment and neuroscience. We Provide A team of professionals to coordinate care and provide mind and body spirit wellness. This sets Be the Change Health and Wellness apart so that we are able to address your complete wellness needs.

Families and friends are welcome to call to set up an appointment and receive for more information on the services we provide to help with such addiction problems.

Addiction Services:

Our Addiction services include a thorough assessment with an individualized treatment plan. Group, individual and family counseling is available. Our therapists are experienced in assessing and treating co-existing disorders. Our programs also address issues needed to complete a drivers safety plan or an impaired professional program.

Process addictions are also treated at Be the Change Health and Wellness. We have therapists that specialize in eating disorders, videogame/screen addictions, sexual addictions and gambling addictions. Group therapy available for Substance Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Betrayal Trauma, Co-Addiction and Codependency are available.


3 Sessions Including Initial Assessment Results with Recommendations


{Individual sessions $200 per 60 minutes}

Assessments Available

Work and Money Addiction $140

Trauma Assessment $140

Sex and Money Addiction $150

Betrayed Partner assessment $150

MID- Dissociation Assessment $200


Sex Addiction Therapy Group

With Jennifer Jones, MS LPC, CSAT

And Joelle Ottoson, LCSW, ICS, CSAC, CSAT-S

Now Virtual Via Zoom

Love Addiction Therapy Group


Partner Group:

Healing the Wounds of Betrayal

With Joelle Ottoson, LCSW, ICS, CSAC, CSAT

Jennifer Jones, MS, LPC, CSAT, CMAT

Now Virtual via Zoom

Codependency Group:

Healing Connections

With Alexandra Moeller, MSW, LCSW

Now Virtual via Zoom

Domestic Violence Group:

Peaceful Transitions

Now Virtual via Zoom

Substance Abuse Group

With Joelle Ottoson, LCSW, ICS, CSAC, CSAT, CMAT

and Alexandra Moeller, LCSW

Now Virtual via Zoom

Cross Addiction Group

Jodi Anderson, MS, LPC, SAC, CSAT

Substance addiction, video game/screen addiction ,love/sex addiction

Meets online via Zoom

Men’s Partner Group

Joelle Ottoson, LCSW, ICS, CSAC, CSAT

Meets online via Zoom

Teen Addiction Group

Jodi Anderson, MS, LPC, SAC, CSAT

Meets online via Zoom


With Joelle Ottoson, RYT200

5 for $25

Tuesdays from 9-10am

Now Virtual Via Zoom

Individualized Intensive Therapy Sessions In Person: link to intensives page

12-30 hour Intensives for Individuals and or couples healing from addiction and betrayal trauma.

To be able to reach our clients with more ease and safety, we are currently providing psychotherapy and

EMDR Therapy via Telehealth

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