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      A portion of the proceeds is donated to Be the Change Global Wellness~

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Hot Packs

We now have these hot/cold packs made with a soft flannel and the color of the ocean  🌊 Handmade by @solcraftingco

Infused with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. 

Perfect way to support liver function with a nightly warm compress of moist heat, put on your stiff neck to soften tight muscles.

Place on your abdomen during indigestion, constipation, stress etc. 

For extra detox put castor oil on a flannel cloth, place on your skin, then the hotpack, with a towel placed over to keep the moist heat in. #SelfCare $51.50 includes shipping and handling email your orders to [email protected]

oilEsogetic Oil
$36.00 (Includes shipping)
Psychosomatic sound cd
Psychosomatic Sound CD
$46.90 (includes shipping)

Immune CD $46.90 (includes shipping)

The new and improved Home Synapsis 2 is now available.  This small, portable tool comes pre-programmed with a minimum of 3 Esogetic induction or biofeedback programs. It can now be programmed with up to and including all 24 available programs. The price will vary according to how many programs you would like installed when you order it. You can also order additional programs later and install them yourself.  The unit comes with new and improved cords, special hygienic adhesive electrodes and and a test diode to ensure working order. This tool is excellent and easy to use for self-treatment. The cost of this product with 3 programs is $485 plus shipping. Consult your Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner when ordering in order to select the 3 biofeedback programs to pre-program on your device. 

Download the Complete List of Induction Programs for Wave or Home Synapsis Units

The New Synapsis Wave 2

The larger Wave Synapsis machine is now available. This machine is larger and more durable than the Home Synapsis. It is suitable for use in a professional practice. This new model comes with a minimum of 6 programs. Add all 24 programs when you purchase the machine or add them later. This machine is equipped with 2 ports or plug insertions allowing you to apply induction frequencies to 4 reflex zones at once. Please or email call us personally to place your order for this item (262)646-8288. Your Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner will help you select your programs.  It is not possible to place your order via the website. Cost: $1355.00 with six induction programs, plus shipping and handling. Additional programs will increase the cost. The Wave Synapsis with 26 Programs costs $2,225. plus shipping.

Download the Complete List of Induction Programs for Wave or Home Synapsis Units