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EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation Groups with an EMDRIA approved EMDR Consultant is provided for those trained by an EMDRIA approved EMDR Basic Training and looking to become EMDR Certified.

Group Consultation is a convenient way to learn from others as well as your EMDR Consultant . Groups are available online so you can participate from anywhere. 

EMDR certified or close to it but wanting more support with complex trauma or dissociation? We have consultation groups to support your skillset in working with complex trauma, PTSD and Dissociation. Groups meet monthly. You are responsible for payment even when you are not able to attend. The success of the group increases with consistent dedication and participation.   All groups are listed Central Standard Time. 1 hour Individuals are available upon request $125. 

Cost of Certification Groups

10 Groups $450 Pay for Group Package Here

1 Group $50 Pay for Group Here

1 Individual session $125Pay for individual Session

Fast Track to Consultation Package includes 8 groups and 6 individuals for $1150 discounted to $950 for the full package. This will provide you with 12 group hours and 10 individual hours toward certification. 

Group Package with Jodi Anderson: Jodi Anderson Fast Track Package

Group Package with Jennifer Jones:Fast Track package with Jennifer Jones

Group Package with Joelle Ottoson: Fast Track Group Package with Joelle

EMDR Consultation Group Times

Jennifer Jones Available Groups:

Sign up by emailing Jennifer: [email protected]

EMDR Certification Groups (Working toward Certification)

Group #2 2nd Tuesday of the Month 10am to 12pm Central Time (3 spot available)

Group #4 Last Tuesday of the Month 5-7pm CST (3 spots open)

 Group #7  CSATS Only 1st Thursday of the Month 3 to 4:30pm CST (1 opening)

Group #9 3rd Tuesday of the Month 11am to 1pm Central Time (2 spots open) 

Group #10 Last Wednesday of the Month 10am to 12pm Central Time (1 spot open)

Complex Trauma Groups with Jennifer Jones

 Intro to EMDR & Complex Trauma Group
(includes addictions, PTSD, compulsions, and or High DES scores/MID results)
Learn to conceptualize, create treatment plans that stabilize clients, assess and treat the dissociation, clear shock, and build clients positive neural networks to prepare the complex trauma brain for EMDR Phases 3-8. Must take the MID Assessment Training sometime during this group.
Group runs for 12 months- 1st Thursday of the month 11-1pm CST 91 spot open) $625 Through December 2023
$75 per meeting total cost $900 OR $825 if paid in full ~ 1 Free meeting as a pay it forward for your commitment to healing humanity.
No refunds for missed sessions/missed sessions must be paid prior to next group meeting to be able to attend the next group.Monthly attendance is mandatory for ongoing learning and to learn from others causes being reported monthly.

Intermediate Complex Trauma Group (FULL)
Next group after Intro to complex trauma group. MID training required, includes parts work. 
*Contact Jennifer Jones for waitlist for 2nd group to start

DID Complex Trauma Group (FULL )Contact Jennifer to be on the waitlist!
Must take MID Training and Kathleen Martins Dissociation 3 part series.
*contact Jennifer Jones for waitlist for 2nd group to start

Joelle Ottoson Available Groups:

Sign up with Joelle here: [email protected]

Group A: 3rd Friday of the month   2pm to 4pm Central Time (FULL)

Group B: 2nd Friday of the Month (3 Openings)

Group D: 9am to 11am 3rd Friday of the month (1 opening)

Group E: CSAT/EMDR Consult Group 2nd Wednesday of the Month 10am-12pm 6 spots available

CSAT Supervision Groups (Not EMDR Certification)
4th Tuesday of the Month 1-3pm 6 spots available $50/Group or 10 for $450

Jodi Anderson Available Groups:

Email Jodi at: [email protected]

Group#1:Once a month Thursdays starting 2/2/22 9am-11am CST (2 spots available)

Group #2 2nd Wednesday 12:00pm-2pm CST (5 spots available)

Clinical Licensure Supervision:

Supervision is different than consultation. Supervision is to assist in maintaining or achieving professional licensure. If you are looking to become licensed in your profession or looking to enhance your skills in treating addiction or complex trauma you may consider professional supervision. 

Independent Clinical Supervisor- provides supervision to substance abuse counselors looking to become certified as a SAC or CSAC

1 Group $50

1 Individual Session $125

Social Workers and Professional Counselors looking to become LCSW LPC or enhance clinical skills: $125/hour

CSAT Certification Groups

CSAT Supervisor led consultation groups for CSAT Candidates looking to become CSAT Certified are available with Joelle Ottoson. Sign up with Joelle: [email protected] 

1 Group $50 Individual CSAT Group

10 groups $450  CSAT Group Package

1 Individual $125 CSAT Individual Consultation



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