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Outpatient Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Addiction and Trauma Healing Services

To be able to reach our clients with more ease and safety, we are currently providing psychotherapy and EMDR therapy via Telehealth

240 N. Milwaukee Street, #202 Milwaukee, WI 53202


All of our Clinicians are Licensed Psychotherapists and are EMDR trained and Certified or working toward certification. Our Team is committed to learning the latest in trauma treatment and neuroscience. We Provide A team of professionals to coordinate care and provide mind, body, spirit, and soul wellness. This sets Be the Change Health and Wellness apart so that we are able to address your complete wellness needs. 

ACES study with Dr Nadine Burk Harris- how childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Be the Change Health and Wellness to provide innovative, progressive and individualized outpatient psychotherapy, alcohol and drug treatment and process addiction services and overall wellness resources to individuals, couples, families and community.  Be the Change Health and Wellness is dedicated to joining with community resources in order to coordinate effective care and to reach optimal treatment outcomes towards personal growth and self -empowerment.

Clinic Information

We will walk the path with you…

Services include

Mental Health Counseling

Substance Abuse Groups

Process Addiction/Sex Addiction Groups

Smoking Cessation

EMDR Therapy

Sensory Integration

Trauma and Abuse Counseling

Sexuality issues

Gambling problems

Gaming Addiction Assessment and Treatment

Sexual Addiction/Pornography Addiction Assessment and Treatment

Betrayal Healing Groups and Individual Sessions

Family counseling

Trauma and dissociation Assessment/Diagnosis (MID Assessment)

There are several Insurance and payment options. Please note, not all services are covered by insurance.

When weekly appointments do not feel like enough or you want to move things along…

Be the Change Health and Wellness also offers Intensive Therapy Sessions In Person:

1, 3 and 6 day Intensives for Individuals and or couples 

Intensives are designed to address issues of repair and healing from Marital/Partner Betrayal from Sex Addiction. The trauma of a partner with sex addiction can be healed in an intensive allowing relief from the trauma as well as facilitating repair of the relationship if repair is desired. Intensives may also address parenting issues, child or teen behaviors, family discord, adult sibling issues, bereavement and grief, addiction and trauma and adult children of dysfunctional families or addictive families. Each client is assessed for trauma, addiction and mental health issues, provided techniques to stabilize and process traumatic issues for relief and freedom to move forward. An individualized aftercare plan and appropriate referrals will be provided at the end of the intensive.

Call (262)646-8288 for more information on pricing and to see if this is appropriate for your care and needs. Click here for more information.

Clinic Information

Other services available at this location are: 

Yoga (Now available online)

Massage Therapy

Reiki Therapy

Esogetic Colorpuncture

Past Life Regression

Meditative Sound Therapy

Individualized healing intensives

These services are offered as ancillary services provided by certified individuals on a fee for service basis and are not covered by insurance.

Clinic Information

We approach the mind~body~spirit…

Explore the root cause with EMDR

What is EMDR?

E.M.D.R.'s basic assumption is that some of our negative emotions such as fears, anxiety, depression, etc., are mere experiences that were not processed completely and are locked in our nervous system and stored in memory networks as trauma. The objective of E.M.D.R. is to complete the information processing, thereby helping the person to achieve healthier and balanced responses.

Clinic Information

Explore compulsive behaviors  and substance abuse that may be causing you concern…

Addiction Services:

Our substance abuse services include a thorough assessment with an individualized treatment plan. Group, individual and family counseling are available. Our therapists are experienced in assessing and treating co-existing disorders. Our programs also address issues needed to complete a drivers safety plan or an impaired professional program. SAP services are also available by a certified substance abuse professional.

Process addictions are also treated at Be the Change Health and Wellness. We have therapists that specialize in eating disorders, sexual addictions and gambling addiction. Group therapy available for Substance Abuse, Sexual and or Pornography Addiction, Co-Addiction and Betrayal Trauma as well as Codependency Groups are available.

Clinic Information



240 N. Milwaukee Street,
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Milwaukee, WI 53202

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